When we founded the Indian Youth Model United Nations in 2015, we wanted to build a global platform that would effectively prove to provide more than debate and discussion. And since then we have moved with a broader vision than that; we aim to offer an overall experience that presents opportunities of inter-cultural interactions, learning and skill development. This philosophy and vision of ours can be seen in every step and leap that we take, covering different locations on the map.

We are also constantly building upon different programs that can help in the holistic development of the young minds of today to take on leadership roles in the times to come. We also promote and engage inter-cultural learning as an integral part of all our programs; this element is predominantly visible in all our flagship conferences that witness students, academicians and others from all parts of the map converge at one location.

The Indian Youth Model United Nations – Jaipur 2017 is our flagship event in its third consecutive year. It has seen the participation of over 65+ schools and students and teachers from across the country converge together to discuss, debate and build upon ideas. Previous speakers at the event include Shri Kalicharan Saraf (Education Minister of Rajasthan), Shri Ajay Kaliaji (Retd. Colonel), Sapan Verma (Stand-up Comedian) and Shalini Nambiar (Vice President, GEMS Education).