​The first ever edition of the Indian Youth Model United Nations began on 18th October 2015 at Hotel Ramada, Jaipur with great excitement and hope in the eyes of the young negotiators. Mostly enthusiastic yet nervous delegates sat with anticipation as the Secretariat welcomed them to what everyone hoped would be a memory to cherish throughout the years to come. With almost 200 delegates from 15 schools, hailing from cities across India, the IYMUN Jaipur 2015 was truly an inter – cultural event with a wide platform for opportunities of learning.

Our guest of honour, Brig. Ajay Kalia, who came in all the way from New Delhi, inaugurated the event and enlightened the delegates with his session on ‘Leadership and Human Values’. His wise and insightful words succinctly summarized the very base of the conference and inspired the young minds to think and dream. One could feel the growing determination and energy of the delegates as each dreamt of evoking the leader in themselves and striving for a more peaceful future for the world.

Over the course of the next three days, delegates debated issues that have taken the spotlight on the global stage. The four committees stimulated included – United Nations Security Council, United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Human Rights Council and the Indian ‘House of the People’ – Lok Sabha. The young minds sat down to think and debate on issues like Syria and Iraq crisis, transnational organized crime, situation of women in Gaza Strip and Palestinian refugees in Syria; and developing a course of action against wars with Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Press Corps took it upon themselves to comprehensively cover the entire conference and documented the suggestions and ideas generated for a peaceful future for the entire world.

It was a humongous task that required painstaking hard work to ensure a successful and productive conference. The core team and members of the Executive Board put in months of hard work that finally culminated in the three-day conference. Stimulating committees, setting agendas, sending out invites, allocations and logistics – the organizing committee members took it upon themselves to ensure that IYMUN Jaipur 2015 becomes a memorable experience for everyone.

Three days unravelled of intensive discussion, deliberations as placards were raised, resolutions were tabled, note-chits were enthusiastically passed and new allies were made. The crisis in each committee added a new twist to the situation as allies changed and the atmosphere charged up. The rules of procedure were made stagnant as the committees moved into an emergency to deal with the issue on hand. While the delegates of UNGA persistently debated and discussed on a plan of action to rescue their kidnapped President, the delegates of UNHRC were seen in a chaos to save the lives of the people on board a hijacked plane. The members of the Lok Sabha moved into action after an open shoot out in Kashmir while the delegates of UNSC where no far behind in handling the crisis with a deft hand. Accusations were hurled, allies were made, decisions were taken, resolutions were passed – all in the name of world peace and harmony.

The closing ceremony witnessed the delegates at the edge of their seats as the awards were announced. Our Guest of Honour, the Hon. Education Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Kalicharan Saraf, awarded the winning delegates of each committee. His inspiring words filled the delegates with renewed enthusiasm to optimism to work for the betterment of the world.

This conference would not have been this successful without the indispensible efforts of every single person involved: the core team, the organizing committee, the delegates, the executive board members, the secretariat, the faculty members and the hotel staff. From the selection of the venue to the drafting of the resolution, the contribution of every member has been an integral part of the success of the IYMUN Jaipur 2015.

We sincerely hope that IYMUN Jaipur 2015 has been an unforgettable experience and that it has set a benchmark that can be looked up to in the years to come.